The 2018/19 Season is now upon us and time to renew your membership. 

Existing Members

Changes to data protection laws mean that we must have a record of your permission to hold personal data (contact details and DoB) on members.  As such all members – old and new will be required to complete a membership form for the season 2018/19.

If the club does not have this record of your permission then it cannot hold your details.

“I understand that Cirencester RFC, its servants, agents or employees are not under any liability whatsoever for loss of property, accidents, or injuries howsoever caused during the course of coaching, preparation or matches played at Cirencester RFC or other grounds. The RFU Insurance scheme only covers players from playing age 7 & above. I understand that CRFC, its servants, agents or employees are not under any liability whatsoever to provide alternative training or playing facilities if the grounds become unusable, as defined by the House & Grounds Chairman, during inclement weather.”

New Members

New members are always welcome, please fill out the form attached and return to the Membership secretary either by e-mail ( ) or in the Membership box in the clubhouse (next to the bar). 

Playing members must be RFU Registered, the RFU Registration form is available on the CRFC website, there are 2 versions; one for Senior Players and one for Mini & Youth Players (up to U18)

Membership Types and Costs


Mini & Youth

Senior Player


M&Y Player (includes social membership for 1 parent)


Student / Female


M&Y Female




M&Y Student (see point 1 below)


Vice President

£100 + (£200-300 appreciated)

Family Membership (see point 3 below)




M&Y Parent Senior Player ‘top up’




M&Y VP ‘top up’



1. Student discount applies to U17 and older Players in full-time, higher or further education only.
2. Family 2 = 2+ mini/youth playing memberships + 2 parent social memberships.

Payment Methods

You can pay by the following means, in the case of BACS payments – please pay before submission of the e-mail / membership form

Cash / Cheque – Sent directly to Membership Secretary or posted in the membership box. 

Card or cash over the bar – These payments will require a receipt or bar-staff signature as proof of payment on an appropriate form (either new member or existing member renewal form - these can be found behind the bar).

BACS – BACS payments are welcome and encouraged, please ensure that the payment reference (Surname_type of Membership or age group) and date that the payment was made are included in the e-mail.  Memberships will not be granted until payment is confirmed.  The bank details are as follows:

Sort Code: 20-84-58

Account No: 70059072

Please note that this is a new Membership Account - there are many different accounts in use for different administrative functions within the club – the details above are the only ones to be used for membership payments

Standing Order – Members can arrange to pay by standing order by exception only – please contact the membership secretary if you wish to pay by standing order

VP and other donation Payments – Vice Presidents are requested to confirm in their renewal / new membership forms whether or not they consent to CRFC claiming the Gift Aid from their donation.  Please ensure that you clearly indicate Yes or No to this question.  Those indicating Yes are also confirming that they have paid appropriate UK Income / Capital Gains tax in excess of the value which the club, as a CASC will claim back (0.25p per £1).  The attached form outlines this in more detail and can also be used as an indicator of your willingness to donate the Gift Aid.


Please Note - Paid up VPs and playing members over 18 also have the right to hire out the club function room at a subsidised rate and can apply for England International & 6 National tickets through the Committee, they also have the right to vote at the Senior AGM.

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