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Refereeing Directives
The International Rugby Board have issued updated refereeing directives that are to be implemented at all levels of the game. Their aim is to ensure that there is an equal contest for possession and to allow the game to flow more freely. To assist coaches, referees, players and observers to understand how these law clarifications affect the game, the RFU has put together the below resource of explanations and supporting video examples. This resource highlights key infringement areas to help develop a common understanding for the 2010/11 season.

Rugby Continium

Glos and District Refereese - Junior Cup Game Appointments

GRFU Junior County Cup website
Has details of the draws, results and contact details for each age group. Can also download match cards etc 

County Notices
The latest County Office Notices are now being displayed on the “Organisation & Admin Page” of the GRFU website.