Please find attached the 2018/19 Minis and Youth Fixtures.
(as at 16 October 2018)
Also here are the contact details for each age group.
Head Coach Dan Nichole 07595 019220
Asst Coach Matt Harman
Asst Coach James Murholland 07872 554 559

Head Coach Jim Iredale 07703 346748
Asst Coach Sean Loveridge 07801263505
Asst Coach Matt Arthur 07905 498008
First Aid Rep Jim Iredale

Head Coach Jim Cleaver 07771971355
Asst Coach Matt Wrigley 07900685277
Asst Coach James Stow 07801316780
Asst Coach Andy Townsend
Asst Coach Daniella Drew
First Aid Rep Jim Cleaver

Head Coach Greg Dunlop 7741459000
Assistant Coach Richard Williams 07810 03885
Assistant Coach Stewart Magson 7967130669
Assistant coach Jamie Taylor 7816419558
Assistant Coach Hugh Williams 7767246967
Ref Richard Williams 7810503885
Team Manager Megan Poulton-Stowe 7511045845
Safe Guarding Darren Brindley 07776 234828
Sandra Lewis 7900635657
First Aid Jonathan Poulton 7970505841

Head Coach Paul Bradley 7484820078
Pete Aspin
Simon Ballard
Steve Slater
Asst Coach Charlie Tuke-Hastings
Asst Coach Rob Slater
Asst Coach Tim Woodley
Safe Guarding Sam Adams 7792199710
First Aid Lisa Laight 7880367907
Head Coach, team manager and occasional referee Henry Church 07852 205114
Assistant Coach Phil Kent 07836 525150
Assistant Coach Jonathan Richards +44 (0) 7968 559 056
Assistant Coach Stu Rowland 07920 267685
Assistant Coach Giles Cross 07841 976458
Assistant Coach Matt Langfield 07786 540373
First Aid Julian Tucker
Safeguarding Lisa McKie

Head Coach Rich Evans 07501 481711
Asst Coach Paul Ponting 07528 915635
Asst Coach Martin Mullin 07716 119738
Asst Coach Nick Handy
Asst Coach Michael Asprou 07850 373754
Team Manager
Safe Guarding Sam Parkes 07795 211521
First Aid Ben Jones

Head Coach Chris Thorn 07779120311
Asst Coach Jim Woodcock 07867504193
Asst Coach Paeder MacKenna 07754149889
Asst Coach Howard Burr
Team Manager Chris Thorn
Safe Guarding Chris Thorn/Paeder McKenna
First Aid Paeder McKenna

Head Coach Robin Smith 07511 037300
Asst Coach Andrew Carroll
Asst Coach Matt Young
Asst Coach Andrew Rounds
Asst Coach Alastair Pegg
Asst Coach Rhod Hughes
Ref Robin Smith 07511 037300
Team Manager Nick Serle 07976 837442
Safe Guarding  Nick Serle 07976 837442
First Aid  Nick Serle 07976 837442
Head Coach Dave Shrimpton 07713863455
Ref Neil Roberts
Team Manager Alasdair Wood " 07737676830
Safe Guarding Neil Roberts
First Aid Adrian Terry
First Aid Tom Pritchard
Head Coach Rob Harrison
Asst Coach Tony Howell
Team Manager Garath Pugh
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